The Arizona Race Of The Summer: Beat The Heat


Who Will Be The Next Champions To Beat The Heat?

Returning on June 16th after a five year hiatus is Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival’s Beat The Heat, the hottest race on earth. It’s the ultimate survival of the fittest test, going head-to-head against fellow runners and the sun itself. Who will be the next challengers who come out on top?

Nahom Mesfin

The Ethiopian Olympic runner took first place in 2013 clocking in the 11.22K at 0:35:34. After completing the race he said “It was the hottest race of my life”.

Andrew Lemoncello

Scottsdale local Olympian and London Marathon placer was right on the heels of Mesfin, coming in at 0:35:47, securing himself as second place finisher.

Think You Have What It Takes To Beat The Heat?

Come take on the challenge on June 16th at WestWorld of Scottsdale. The race will launch at 2:47pm, the same time when it hit a record heat in Arizona of 122 degrees. Check out the course maps and prize money for top finishers and get registered now!



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