Tempreatures Are Rising And So Are The Stakes


Scottsdale’s Temperatures Are Rising And So Are The Stakes!

Run for the riches at the Scottsdale Fahrenheit Festival’s Beat The Heat race on June 16th, the hottest race on earth with the largest running prize money in the state.

With prize money totaling over $8,000, Scottsdale Beat The Heat; The Hottest Race On Earth is the most lucrative running event in the state of Arizona. Prizes will be offered for both men and women for 1st through 5th places.

How much you ask? Not only do they celebrate the winners of the race with the biggest prizes, they also commemorate what makes this summer race, run at 2:47 p.m. on June 16th, unique.

1st $1990 – To celebrate the year of the hottest day of record in Phoenix

2nd $1022 – In honor of the distance of the race to beat the heat

3rd $626 – In recognition of the hottest day recorded in Phoenix

4th $247 – The time when it hit the record heat and when runners launch

5th $122 – The highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix

To find out more information on prize money, course maps, or get yourself registered, be sure to check us out here! All runners will receive commemorative shirts and medals.



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